Trafotek provides solutions for a wide range of industries and end uses. To be able to serve our customers, we need to know who they are and what they do, as well as understand the challenges they face in their business and their processes. We work out a tailored solution, which is designed to easily meet each customer’s specific process demands and environmental requirements.


• Solar power
• Wind power
• Fuel cell
• Hydro power


• Cruise ships
• Container ships
• Supply vessels
• Pipelaying vessels
• Ice breakers
• Ferries
• Fishing vessels
• Navy vessels
• Special vessels

Oil & Gas

• Oil platforms
• Drilling rigs and vessels


• Pulp and paper
• Energy
• Cranes
• Metal
• Elevators/lifts
• Chemistry
• Mining
• Rotating machines
• Manufacturing/production
• Power compensation
• Transportation
• Water treatment