Trafotek has a long history as a trusted supplier of innovative filter, reactor and transformer solutions to a variety of customers in different industries. We have been helping our customers around the world produce better energy since 1983.

At our production facilities in Finland, Estonia, China and Brasil, we design, develop, produce and deliver a wide range of high-quality inductive components. Our customers are to be found in all parts of the world, and our products are currently providing reliable day-to-day performance on all six inhabited continents as well as on all of the world’s oceans.

We work closely together with our customers to provide a high level of customization to ensure that every product is suited to its environment and will meet the specific needs of the task it is designed to perform.

As well as ensuring that our products are reliable and highly functional, we also work hard to ensure timely deliveries and a high local availability and service everywhere in the world.